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Brown Bagpipe Supply

Pipe Band Supplies, Tuition and Performance Services

Top Selling Products!

~Pipe Chanter Reeds~

Shepherd $17.00

Melville $19.00

Megarity $19.00

MacLellan -special order

G1 $19.00

     Above: Melville Reeds

~Practice Chanter Reeds~

Walsh $8.25

McCallum $7.50

Above: Walsh Practice Chanter Reed

~Drone Reeds~

Ezeedrone standard $95.00

Ezeedrone with inverted bass $105.00

Crozier Carbon $120.00

Crozier V2 $125.00

MG White Mamba $135.00-special order

Balance Tone $125.00 -special order

Kinnaird Evolution $125.00

Kinnaird Edge $149.00

Single Ezeedrone reed $34.00

Crozier Carbon bass reed $50.00

                Above: Ezeedrone Standard

~Poly Pipe Chanters~

AyrFire solo $199.00

McCallum $179.00

Gandy solo $199.00

Strathmore $169.00

Shepherd $225.00

Shepherd Orchestral $225.00

Walsh $215.00

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Above: McCallum Poly Pipe Chanter

~Blackwood Pipe Chanters~

Strathmore $400.00

Walsh $319.00

Gandy $395.00

Hardie $395.00

~Practice Chanters~

McCallum standard poly $75.00

McCallum long poly $95.00

Walsh standard poly $88.00

Walsh children's poly $85.00

Walsh long poly $99.00

 Above: Walsh Deluxe BW Practice Chanter