Brown Bagpipe Supply

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Brown Bagpipe Supply offers a wide range of quality new and used bagpipes from

around the world.  All bagpipes sold by Brown Bagpipe Supply are rigorously tested by

 the manufacturer and again before leaving our shop. We provide custom bagpipe setup

to all of our customers at no additional charge. No pipes leave our shop until you are

completely satisfied! We take great pride in assuring the absolute best in customer service.


 Customized Options

 All pipes leave our premises ready to play, however some customers may wish certain 

extras not included in our standard bagpipe package. These extras are listed below.


  Blackwood chanter add $150.00 

 Ross Canister bag with moisture control system add $200.00

Ross Canister System add $100.00

 Split stock water trap add $75.00

Moose valve add $37.95

Ash Plugs add $32.00

Tone Enhancers add $45.00

Crozier Carbon reeds add $25.00

Basic hardshell case add $79.00

PM hardshell case add $89.00

Deluxe knapsack style case add $95.00

Deluxe McCallum case add $159.00


 Less poly pipe chanter - $100.00

Less pipe bag - $85.00

Less plastic synthetic drone reeds - $50.00  

Less drone cords - $10.00

 Less bag cover- $20.00