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Replacement Bagpipe Parts


 Blowpipe Stock $65.00

Chanter Stock $69.00

Tenor Stock $75.00

Bass Stock $80.00

 Bass-top $120.00

Bass-middle $110.00

Bass-bottom $105.00

Tenor-top $110.00

Tenor-bottom $100.00


*Please state the type of mount required. Imitation ivory or nickel are available. 



 Blowpipe Stock $119.00

Chanter Stock $119.00

Tenor Stock $119.00

Bass Stock $130.00

Bass-top $179.00

Bass-middle $135.00

Bass-bottom $150.00

Tenor-top $159.00

Tenor-bottom $149.00


 * Ask us about our used replacement bagpipe parts.


Bagpipe Mouthpieces

Poly Bagpipe Mouthpieces (Round)


Assorted sizes from 3"-6"

Poly AyrFire 5.5" Curved Mouthpieces


*Special order*

Ergo Mouthpiece


*Fits over existing mouthpiece.

Reduces lip fatigue.

   Airstream Poly Mouthpieces (Oval)


Sizes 3.5", 4.5" & 5.5"


Walsh Poly Mouthpieces (Oval)



Mouthpiece Protectors



We suggest purchasing poly replacement blowpipes as they're more

durable than blackwood. Prices on blackwood blowpipes are available by

request. Our current in-stock blowpipes are shown below. Don't forget to

check out our used bagpipe parts page for  used in-stock blowpipes.










 A-McCallum deluxe poly $129.00

B-Poly with built in valve $99.00

C-Child's poly adjustable with imitation ivory mount $75.00

D-Adult poly with imitation ivory mount $99.00 

E-Plain blackwood $109.00

F- Child's poly with black button mount $75.00