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Brown Bagpipe Supply

Pipe Band Supplies, Tuition and Performance Services

Top Selling Products!

The Kilberry Collection of Piobaireachd


Flapper Valve


Basic Poly Reed Protector


Bore Oil


Bagpipe Supplies

 Unwaxed Hemp (2oz)


Bagpiper's 3rd Hand


 Waxed Hemp (2 oz)


 Black Waxed Hemp (2 oz)




Cobbler's Wax


 Bore Oil


 Pull Through Swab


Chanter Tuning Tape


Pipe Chanter Brush


Drone Brush


 Drone Top Stoppers


 Stock Stoppers


Drone Valves


 Shepherd Drone Enhancers


 Hyland Valves


 Flapper Valve


 Corking Kit


 Goose Adaptor


 Airtight Bag Seasoning


 Gannaway Bag Seasoning


SALE $15.00

 Reed Absorbs


 Poly Reed Protector


 AyrFire Wooden Reed Protector


 Piper's Pal Reed Protector


Piper's Pal Alert Reed Protector


Expandable Blowpipe Adaptor


This adaptor screws onto your existing blowpipe, lengthening it by 1". This is very useful for young, growing pipers. Additional adaptors can be used to further increase the overall length.

Piper's Pal Reed Case


 Piper's Pal Recharge Kit


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