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Quotes The Rob Roy Pipe Band & Highland Dancers are are a large organization with varied needs. For many years we have used Brown Bagpipe Supply almost exclusively for purchases of supplies, equipment, and uniforms. Ross is a true professional who sells only high quality products and stands behind everything he sells. Products are always delivered in a timely manner and are always at a competitive price. I have no hesitation in recommending Brown Bagpipe Supply for all of your piping and pipe band needs. Quotes
Scott Bell
Pipe Major - Rob Roy

Quotes From the first time I met him, to present, Ross has been an important part of my bagpiping endeavors. I purchased my first practice chanter from him and a few months later a great set of bagpipes at a fair price. Every time I go in to see him, he is very personable and helpful and I know I can trust his advice. Recently, I began lessons with him and am already noticing improvements in my playing after just a few weeks. After having taken lessons on other instruments for years, I know a good teacher when I see one and Ross is without a doubt an excellent instructor. Thanks for the help Ross, and keep up the good work! Quotes
Kaj (Kingston, ON)

Quotes I have been 100% pleased with the service I have received from Brown Bagpipe Supply. Ross gives individualized attention and takes the time to find out which product best meets a piper's needs. He would never push the more expensive product if it's not what you really need. He deals with casual players, serious competitors, and everyone in between, and uses the same care and respect for them all. Ross' expertise and enthusiasm are really quite unique, and I would recommend Brown Bagpipe Supply to anyone. Quotes
Claire (Toronto, ON)

Quotes I have been completely satisfied with the service I have received from Ross Brown and Brown Bagpipe Supply. Whether you're looking to upgrade your pipes or just looking for advice, Ross provides service in a professional and friendly manner. He works with customers to find the right product to suit their needs, and has no qualms about ordering in a different product or taking feedback regarding new products.He also loves to share a tune or two. Thanks Ross! Quotes
Adrienne ( RMM PB)

Quotes I have been a customer of Ross` for a few years now and everytime I am completely happy and satisfied with my purchases whether it be a simple CD or a jacket made and ordered from Scotland. His peronalized attention to what specifically suits you is always great and his sharing of tunes and knowledge is always a pleasure. Quotes
Matthew (Kingston, ON)

Quotes We have had many occasions over the past few years to use Brown Bagpipe Supply. Always, Ross can be counted on to ensure we get what I need, not necessarily what I originally thought I needed, and to keep the costs within reason. Quality is just taken for granted. More important to me is Ross, the teacher. He is marvelous.Down to earth for beginners, especially adult beginners, with a clear eye and ear for the correct way, proper standards and unending support and encouragement that we can in fact play the bagpipe and do it well; that is Ross. As a result we are enjoying the pipes, and his support and guidance at all steps along the way is a large part of our enjoyment. I heartily recommend his services and insight to anyone playing, learning or just enjoying the pipes. Quotes
Doug & Dini (Ashton, ON)

Quotes I struggled with my pipes for almost ten years and several instructors but, it took only one lesson with Ross to change all that. He had my pipes going beautifully and got me on the right track right from the getgo. It is amazing to see and hear what he can do with a set of pipes. I had trouble finding an extra wide width pair of Ghillie Brogues but not Ross, they arrived from Scotland in less than two weeks! Everything I have purchased has been top notch and Ross guaranties it. Thanks again for getting me on the right path. Alistair (Lyndhurst, ON) Quotes
Alistair (Lyndhurst, ON)
Student & Customer

Quotes I have been going to Ross for lessons for about a year now, and have had no bad experiences! He has helped improve my to at least a hundred times better than what it was before, and i am looking forward to working with him to improve my playing even more with his expert help! Quotes
Mack (Perth, ON)

Quotes I have to say I found your services exceptional. You definitely know what you're doing. The best part, I think, is your insistence on sharing a tune or two with your customers, of actually playing the music instead of strictly selling it. This sets you apart from most people in the piping supply businesses I've met in the past. Keep up the great work! Quotes
Jeremy (Kingston, ON)

Quotes I've had nothing less than complete satisfaction from Brown Bagpipe Supply. My John Walsh pipes look good and sound great and anything I've ordered arrives within days. Keep up the good work. Quotes
Tony (Mississauga, ON)