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Used Bagpipe Parts



Used blackwood blowpipe $99.00




 Used blackwood bottom bass section $99.00


Used Rosewood bottom tenor section $35.00

Two available. 



Blackwood tenor bottom section $95.00



Lawrie blackwood tenor top section $75.00



Blackwood mid bass section $100.00



Blackwood bottom tenor section $75.00















Hardie tenor bottom section $99.00



Blackwood tenor stock $75.00



Blackwood tenor top section $75.00



Blackwood tenor stock $75.00



Blackwood tenor bottom section  $95.00



Blackwood tenor top section $75.00



 Used rosewood tenor top section $35.00

Two available.







Top Selling Products!

Essential Tunes # 1 $29.95

This great book contains over fifty of the most popular bagpipe tunes. Includes CD.

Crozier Carbon drone reeds $115.00

Ergo Mouthpiece $22.00

Shepherd's Bagpipe Tutor $12.98

SLOT Evolution DVD $32.00

The Kilberry Collection of Piobaireachd $75.00

Walsh Practice Chanter Reed $8.25

Airstream Oval Mouthpiece. Available in 3.5", 4.5" & 5.5". $19.95