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Brown Bagpipe Supply is a home based pipe band supply retail shop located in

Kingston, Ontario. We are open by appointment Monday through Saturday. Our shop is

owned and operated by Ross Brown, a founding member of the 1987 World Pipe Band

Champions, The  78th Fraser Highlanders.  We sell top quality pipe band supplies from

around the world and offer the very best in customer service. Check out our testimonials

page to see what our satisfied customers have to say about Brown Bagpipe Supply. 

We also offer professional performance services, piping and drumming instruction and

professional bagpipe setup.  Visit our shop, bring your instrument and share a tune with us.

New Products/Sale Items



  AyrFire Poly Solo Chanter


This affordable solo chanter, designed

by Brian Mulhearn and Colin MacLellan,

 is beautifully pitched, easy to reed and very

stable on high G. For soloists on a budget,

this is the chanter for you!








 Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds


These new reeds are designed to provide a bigger bass sound with brighter sounding tenors.



Piper's Pal Alert Reed Protector


 The Piper's pal alert is an update to the original Piper's Pal reed protector design that incorporates an indicator on top of the reed protector to visually show when it's operating at optimum conditions, and when it needs to be recharged.















 ~Lee and Sons chanter reeds~

Designed and made by PS Jack Lee of SFU- winners of six World Pipe Band Championship titles!



~Highland Bagpipe Makers~

Top Selling Products!

Archie Cairn's Bagpipe Tutor $19.95

Cameron Drum Pad $39.00

Ezeedrone Reeds $95.00

Ergo Mouthpiece $22.00

The Kilberry Collection of Piobaireachd $75.00

Walsh Practice Chanter Reed $8.25

Deluxe Ross Canister System $115.00